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  • Image of Stoneware Ceramic Art Tile #3 - Art Cartel
  • Image of Stoneware Ceramic Art Tile #3 - Art Cartel

Stoneware Ceramic Art Tile #3 - Art Cartel


The third in my series of handmade ceramic art tiles.

I essentially "painted" with ceramic glazes to achieve an old weathered look and then hand screen printed glaze over each piece. A clear glaze was then applied and each tile was fired in my kiln to 2300 degrees. The iron oxide I used as a wash gives the sand colored tile a "dirt" covered look!

Limited edition - Only 9 made.

12" Tall x 8" Wide

Each tile is mounted to a wood backing and is ready to hang on your wall the day you get it. Signed, dated, and numbered on the back.

Please note - Since all 9 of these were hand glazed, no two are exactly alike. Yours will be very similar to the one pictured, but not exactly the same. That's what makes yours special!