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  • Image of Stoneware Ceramic Art Tile #2 - Atlantis
  • Image of Stoneware Ceramic Art Tile #2 - Atlantis

Stoneware Ceramic Art Tile #2 - Atlantis


The second in my series of handmade ceramic art tiles.

I essentially "painted" with ceramic glazes to achieve an old weathered look and then hand screen printed the black glaze over each piece. A clear glaze was then applied and each tile was fired in my kiln to 2300 degrees. The aqua and green glazes really give each one an ancient underwater feel!

Limited edition - Only 25 made.

9 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" tall

Each tile is mounted to a wood backing and is ready to hang on your wall the day you get it. Signed, dated, and numbered on the back.

Please note - Since all 25 of these were hand glazed, no two are exactly alike. Yours will be very similar to the one pictured, but not exactly the same. That's what makes yours special!