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  • Image of Sea Thugs 2 - Heartbreak at Sea
  • Image of Sea Thugs 2 - Heartbreak at Sea
  • Image of Sea Thugs 2 - Heartbreak at Sea

Sea Thugs 2 - Heartbreak at Sea


A screen printed painting. All of the colors minus the black are painted with thick, heavy delicious paint. This piece will definitely look more like a painting than a print hanging on your wall - and every one is unique in it's own way.

I painted the left side to look like a breaking ocean wave, with turquoise and white foam flowing over the deeper blue background. I painted her hair with long flowing strokes to suggest highlights and shadows. Once this piece is in front of you I think you'll spend quite some time checking out all of the little details that make yours unique!

My first paintings of 2018 - Each is signed and numbered from a limited edition of 83.

NEW - Larger size than previous prints - 18" x 24" for easy framing!

** Since each piece is hand painted yours will vary slightly from the one pictured, but that's what makes yours unique! **