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  • Image of Money Making Art Machine
  • Image of Money Making Art Machine
  • Image of Money Making Art Machine
  • Image of Money Making Art Machine
  • Image of Money Making Art Machine

Money Making Art Machine


An Interactive Painting on Wood that Changes & Grows

This AMAZING piece of Art should be able to pay for itself almost as soon as you receive it!

Not only that - There should be a few different ways this beauty will make you extra cash.

The first way is simple - Your friends, family, co-workers - Even complete strangers pay you to "deface" the art with their signature.

Who doesn't get a secret thrill by tagging their name in a place many others will see? Graffiti at it's finest!

Once a few people make their mark in your home, everyone will want to join the fun. And if you have any competitive people in your life, they will surely pay more than once to "maintain a signature lead!!??"

The second way to make some money is the signatures themselves: Next time Brad & Angie are over (Or Tom & Giselle), collect their money and let them have at it!

Instantly your art is worth thousands with high profile sigs like that! Or maybe your kid signs it today - The future President of the United States - Big Bucks!

Thirdly - It's a piece of Art by Rob Johnston - Some day this baby is going to be worth more than your house!

Blue, Green & Red Industrial Sharpie Markers are included and fit in custom drilled holes in the bottom of the frame - (See pics)

This piece of art will change over time and never be the same as anything else out there - Interactive Art with a Life of it's own.

Lastly (and most importantly) - What an awesome way to Remember Friends & Loved Ones who you may not see too often - Every day you can see the mark they left & smile.

And that - Above all else - is Priceless...

I was going to price these all $10 more than I did, but instead I signed your copy in red as a trusted friend. You're welcome!

Framed and ready to hang - 25" Wide x 34" Tall - Sharpie Industrial Markers Included!